Jamie Satori


When I was pregnant with my second son, I took Melynda’s childbirth classes (this was my first natural birth) and received an endless amount of encouragement and a wellspring of knowledge… She is a breath of fresh air in the city of Jacksonville and her heart is dedicated to walking families through their birth experience with love and courage.


I took Hypnobirthing classes with Melynda and she is amazing. She made me feel so confident going into birth. The class was interesting and my husband enjoyed it as well. Melynda is so sweet and personable I was sad when the series was over. Melynda is extremely knowledgeable in all things birth related and I would definitely use her services in the future.


Womb Wellness Mama

Melynda was amazing during my pregnancy. She gave me all the best tips and tricks, and had all the right resources for anything I needed. I highly recommend her for all things prenatal and postpartum.

katie salz


I appreciate how approachable she is and easy to talk to. I don't feel silly asking any of my questions or voicing any of my concerns. She creates a safe space for open and honest communication, which is much appreciated by this first time mom planning a home birth!

Krystle hoard, CPA

Balanced Books of NEFL

Hands down, best decision I've made this {second} pregnancy was attending Melynda's Hypnobirthing classes and hiring her as my Doula. Even for a second-time mom the information in her class is absolutely priceless and has made me so confident about my homebirth.  

Christine roland


Melynda's pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding classes are by far the BEST. She doesn't skip a single detail and gives you the confidence and trust in your own body to successfully do what it was made to do.  

Cailin Kinsey, RN

Cannot recommend Melynda enough! The package I purchased was the best! Melynda was the best! She is so calm and helpful! Such a great pregnancy & birth instructor! Love her!

Julie and Marc Montemerlo

Our delivery nurse just came in to say goodbye as we prep for discharge. She said she's been doing this since 1998 and mine was her most impressive, favorite labor/delivery of all these years. I credited you and she said you were one of the best doulas she has ever seen. This was the same nurse that doubted me from the start. She said she was proud of me and I said I was proud of me too!!! Words fall short when trying to express the gratitude Marc and I have for you around helping us achieve our perfect birth. You guidance and info over the past 9 months. Your support in the final days of pregnancy. Your amazing assistance and presence throughout labor and delivery. ALL PHENOMENAL. We are in love and enchanted with Lucy Anne. Thank you so much for helping us welcome her earthside.

Jennifer Brinksworth

The day my husband and I met Melynda, we knew she was exactly what we were looking for. She has this warm, welcoming vibe and calm, peaceful presence that is assuring when in search of the people you would want as part of your birth team. As a first time mom, I wanted to learn everything I possibly could to be as prepared for any situation that may arise during labor and delivery. Melynda was an excellent resource to anything and everything birth and baby related. My husband and I took the Hypnobirthing class with her and I fully credit this education for allowing my labor and delivery to be quick and easy. Although Melynda was not there for the actual birth (only because I was in active labor less than 4 hours!), her spirit was present and her calm voice resounded in my mind as I labored quickly and easily at home with only my husband there to catch our baby girl. This was not what we had planned, but was truly the best case scenario for my baby and I and just knowing I had an amazing, supportive birth team gave me peace of mind and strength. Melynda provided excellent support before, during, and after. I highly recommend Melynda as a Doula and especially as an educator for the Hypnobirthing class!

Kristian Cano

First off, let me say that if I could give Melynda a million stars, I would. :) I found Melynda while shopping for a Doula. And I must say I am beyond satisfied with my choice! From the first time Melynda, my husband and I met, I knew she was the Doula for us. She brings such a calm and relaxing vibe where ever he goes. Which was a big plus for me in the delivery room. And when I had weird questions about pregnancy she always answered them. And if she didn't know the answer, she made sure to get information and articles to better inform all of us. She doesn't shove her beliefs down your throat, but she will make sure that you know all of your possibilities. She has magical hands also!! I had terrible back labor and right away Melynda drove to my house to help me feel more relaxed. She did this AMAZING hip squeeze, made my hips and back pop, thus easing the pain of my back labor. She also helped move my little princess into a better position so I wouldn't have such bad back labor. You can truly tell that Melynda loves what she does. I would recommend her to any pregnant momma. I wouldn't have been able to get through delivery without her. I had a few times I thought about giving up and getting an epidural, but Melynda always reminded me why I was going all natural, and sent good yummy vibes to me and my princess, telling me how much of a strong woman I am, and that I could do it. My husband, daughter and I will have a very special place in our hearts for Melynda. We loved her so much that we even had her to cut Amaya's umbilical cord.

charity camacho

My husband and I can not say enough good things about Melynda! From the first meeting to her home visit after our son came home, she was there for us and continues to be a friend! She got my husband from doing her Yoda impersonation and she had me when she allowed us to do our Hypnobirthing class early so that my husband could be involved before he deployed. The Hypnobirthing class is extremely informative and my husband and I both are so thankful that we took it. It prepared us so well that we were able to do the majority of my laboring at home and I was only at the hospital for 2 1/2 hours before our son was born. Even though my birth didn't go as planned once we arrived to the hospital, Melynda kept me and my family calm and comfortable. If it was not for her and the Hypnobirthing class, not only do I feel that my pregnancy would have gone a lot differently I know for a fact that my labor and birth would have gone differently. I loved that I could call, text, and/or Facebook her at any given time. That right there was life saving since my husband was deployed for the majority of my pregnancy. She will educate you on everything "birthy" and if she doesn't know, then she will find out for you. I know for a fact that when my husband and I have the pleasure of announcing #2 Melynda will be one of our first phone calls!


My doula. I knew I wanted a doula because my last labor had been so traumatic and painful. I felt I deserved someone who would be in my corner to cheer me on and stick up for my needs. I got that and more. Melynda is a soother. She helped me get through the scary moments by being present and gently urging me to look into her eyes; allowing myself to be swept away by her calming aura. She has a way about her. Her eyes kind of draw you in and the next thing you know, you’ve made it through another pressure wave. She showed up at our house and helped me understand what was happening with my body. She communicated with the midwives on things like time between pressure waves and when I should go in. When I told her it was time to go, even though the midwives thought I still had hours to go, she agreed and quietly told my husband to drive slowly as the midwives were still 30 minutes away (they really thought, based on the minutes between my waves, that I had hours to go before I needed to come in, a perfectly logical assumption if you go by the data alone, but I had a feeling). I had no idea, but it was so smart of her to get him to go slowly, because imagine how I’d have felt if I showed up to the birthing center and it was closed! We arrived at the Birthing Center and I gave birth 35 minutes later! Because she believed in me, and did as I asked, I got the water birth I'd always wanted. As a survivor of sexual abuse and assault, it is not unusual to have a stalled labor, but this one progressed seamlessly, unlike my last labor that stalled at 3cm forever. I attribute much of this labor’s success to Melynda. She was a blessing not just to me, but to my entire family! Thank you, Melynda.

alyse santana

My doula referred me to Melynda. On our first meeting, I felt immediately comfortable with her. I really enjoyed talking with her about my choice to have a natural birth. She is encouraging and passionate about treating the body with a holistic approach. She also offered a Comfort Measures class at her home that I attended with my doula. This was a great class. Her passion for natural birth as well as her confidence in the strength of our birthing bodies was apparent. I felt fully confident about my ability to birth without pharmaceutical assistance!

katie palamaro


Melynda is awesome! She taught my husband and I so much about birth, labor, HypnoBirthing, relaxation and much more. Her calm demeanor and presence made me feel so comfortable sharing such an important time in my life with her. She was available whenever I needed her (and still is) ! Because of her, I had the confidence I needed to have the natural labor that I dreamt of! I highly suggest her for HypnoBirthing classes and Birth Doula services. Thank you, Melynda!

dr. suzy mcguffin


The education my husband and I received from Melynda was empowering and amazing. She has taught us so much about natural birth and breastfeeding that we both feel so much more confident. She has a calm presence about her while giving you evidence based facts on natural birth. I would highly recommend Melynda to my friends and patients.

Stephanie mclaughlin

Having Melynda with us was such a great experience. Not only did I have an amazing doula with all the knowledge and support I needed but I also had a friend to lean on. She was such an important part piece of my sons birthday.

Layla rose

Melynda is amazing! Her classes were extremely helpful in learning how to give birth naturally. Such a wonderful experience with a wonderful woman! Highly recommended!

dr. tina warren


Very knowledgeable, compassionate mama supporting other mamas!

Crystal jones

I love Melynda! If I ever need to talk, I can always call her anytime .Melynda is so educated and I love learning from her. I can’t wait for my next baby so she can be my doula and Hypnobirthing teacher! I can’t say enough awesome things about this woman and her services!

Shea Cintron, Certified Professional Midwife

The best bad ass childbirth educator in Jax!