Bengkung Belly Binding is a traditional Malaysian practice

... that facilitates your postpartum recovery. Using a special wrap and twist technique, this beautiful fabric is wound snugly around your hips and core and serves to:

  • repair diastasis recti and bring the abdominal muscles back together

  • reorganize internal organs, which shifted dramatically during pregnancy

  • provide lower back support

  • bring the womb (uterus) back to its original shape, size and location

  • re-seal the pelvic bones and hips, which expanded greatly to make room for baby's passage

  • enhance core stability, strength and posture

  • reduce postpartum bleeding

  • provide an opportunity for woman-to-woman wisdom sharing and care-giving

  • honor the Maiden-to-Mother transition

More than just belly binding, this complete womb wellness ritual is about feeling nurtured on all levels as you journey into Motherhood. Each session is personalized and tailored to meet your unique needs. After a Postpartum Wellness Assessment and a gentle application of organic firming and tightening Belly Balm, I'll expertly wrap your entire core with a beautiful, hand dyed, one-of-a-kind Bengkung Belly Bind. During our time together, I'm happy to answer any and all questions you have regarding postpartum wellness, yoni care, breastfeeding and newborn care. My goal during our time together is for you to feel profoundly relaxed, nurtured, and confident in your new life role as Divine Mother. For two hours, you’ll have all of my T.E.A. (time, energy and attention). As a Postpartum Doula and Mother of three, I feel that coming over around day 3-4 is ideal, because this is typically when your breast milk begins to come in and the lack of sleep starts to catch up with you. This can be a beautiful yet challenging time, and heart centered, woman to woman support can be a great help.

Your Bengkung Belly Binding + Womb Wellness Ritual includes...

  • A Postpartum Wellness Assessment

  • A beautiful, hand dyed Bengkung Belly Bind of your choosing

  • Gentle application of organic “Healing Alchemy Firming & Tightening Belly Balm” by Mother’s Natural Therapy

  • Bengkung Belly Binding session. I'll expertly wrap your belly as well as teach you how to do it so that you'll be able to put it on and take it off whenever you wish

  • Guidance, information and support from an experienced Postpartum Doula, Breastfeeding Educator and Mother of Three


My story…

After my first son was born (about 7 years ago) I noticed my abs had a strange and very noticeable separation in the middle. There seemed to be a bulge of some sort, particularly when I did sit-ups, so I talked to my colleague and Postpartum Fitness Expert Emily Wannenburg and it turned out I had a pretty bad case of diastasis recti. So, when I became pregnant with my second son, I decided immediately to invest in Bengkung Belly Binding as a way to prevent my diastasis recti from getting worse, in addition to all the other benefits it provides.

When baby #2 was four days old, I had my belly wrapped by my dear friend and fellow birth keeper, Amber. I really loved the sensation of having my entire middle section "hugged" with fabric. The sensation of being wrapped so snugly was very comforting and soothing; it also gave me core stability and improved posture. It's like having a beautiful, comfy "corset". There was a marked difference in how I physically felt with and without it; I much preferred wearing it throughout the day for core stability. Without the wrap, I felt very "empty" like something was missing in my middle (duh- the baby) and also quite wobbly when I walked. (Note: This wobbliness is typical and is due to 1. pelvic expansion, 2. hormones that relax ligaments and muscles 3. your center of gravity has shifted.)

I did the belly binding on myself on a daily basis for about 40 days. I would put it on in the morning and take it off before bed-time.  Even though I looked about 5 months pregnant immediately after birth, I could see my belly shrinking every day that I wrapped myself; each morning I'd make it just a tad tighter than the day before. At 12 weeks postpartum, my tummy was completely flat, my core strength was back and not only did my Bengkung Belly Bind prevent my diastasis recti from getting worse, it actually repaired it from my previous pregnancy! There is still a slight separation there, but it is MUCH better than before. I still occasionally wear it as a waist trainer and because I love the way it feels and looks. I have my bind in a keepsake box to give to my daughter; should I ever give birth to a girl! The best part of this experience is learning an ancient skill that you can pass on to the next generation and having an heirloom gift that symbolizes the Maiden to Mother transformation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes these beautiful binds by hand?

Every one of these belly binds is 100% unbleached muslin cotton, hand dyed and hand made by Jennifer Farnham. Every time I purchase from her, a portion from each sale go towards helping support Tibetan orphans at the Sengchem Drukmo Girls Home, a privately funded orphanage & school located in a mountainous independent Tibetan prefecture in the Qinghai Province. They are committed to educating Tibetan girls in a way that challenges the way society views the capabilities and opportunities of girls, while also supporting the rich Tibetan cultural heritage challenged by political tensions. Another reason I buy from Jennifer is because I love supporting female entrepreneurs; Jennifer is a mother of five, Holistic Health Practitioner, birth and postpartum doula, former midwife birth assistant and pre/postnatal yoga instructor.

Is it too late to bind my belly?

It's never too late! Relaxin is a hormone that allows your connective tissues, ligaments and muscles, to remain more elastic after birth. This can last 5-12 months postpartum. This will aid in allowing your hips to come back in with binding, however, even if you no longer have relaxin working for you, you can most definitely still get the belly benefits from binding... You may just miss being able to bring in your hips. Here's a video explaining this more in depth:

Can I bind after a C-section?

You absolutely can use a bengkung bind after a c-section. Here's a video explaining when to start:

How do I wash and dry my bind?

Here's a video explaining how to care for your bind:

I recommend hand washing your bind in COLD water separately. You certainly can machine wash your bind on cold separately but the machine tends to knot up such a long length of fabric, and can produce more loose threads. Line dry by zig-zagging over a shower curtain.

Can I sleep in my bind?

You most definitely can sleep in your bind. It’s not mandatory, but very helpful.

How many hours a day should I wear my bind?

Between 8-12 hours per day. Some women bind in the morning after a shower and then take it off before bed and others do the opposite- wearing it only at night and while they sleep. The longer you can dedicate to wearing your bind, the faster and more efficiently it will work.


Thank you for everything you do and for just being true to yourself and others. Your spirit is a gift to everyone you come on contact with. Thank you for your guidance and support, Melynda!  

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